7 Retention Secrets to Keep Your Client’s Lashes Holding on for Weeks on End

7 Retention Secrets to Keep Your Client’s Lashes Holding on for Weeks on End

As we all know in the lash game the biggest maker or breaker is RETENTION. With so many different factors involved that can drastically impact your glue we thought we’d give you the low down on the best way to manage these.


Understanding Your Glue 

There is a vast array of different glues on the market and based on your lashing speed you should choose the right glue for you. Our Meraki Signature Glue is based around the needs and wants of the majority of lash techs in the industry.


  • Keep in mind the drying time of your glue. E.G. You are using a 1 to 2 second glue so you want to have the lash in its correct position within this time frame so it can hold on tight.
  • Make sure your room is the right temperature and humidity. It is essential to have an air con in any climate with the varying temperatures and humidity levels. Ideally your room should be set between 19 – 28*C with a humidity of between 45 – 65%. We will discuss this further under the Thermo Hygrometer section
  • Keep your glue correctly! Unopened glue should be stored in the fridge between 3 – 5*C and has a shelf life of 12 months. Opened glue needs to be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of 4 – 6 weeks. Tip make sure you clean your glue nozzle with Lint Free Glue Nozzle Wipes to avoid tainting your fresh glue dots with any old glue residue built up.
  • Shake your glue well before use. You want your glue to be mixed together well as it will settle over time. The use of a Glue Shaker will make sure optimize this process and have it done in a fraction of the time. Always discard your first glue dot as there is a chance that, even with vigorous shaking, the tiny amount in the nozzle may not be mixed in properly.
  • Replace your glue dot every 20 minutes
  • Place your glue dot on a Jade Stone to keep it cool and fresh.


Don’t Forget the Basics

This should go without saying but we’re going to say it anyway. Your basic lashing technique and the fundamentals of lashing are a key component in the fight against lash loss. Making sure you are correctly isolating and correcting attaching lashes is paramount! Doing all the basics correctly and being thorough will give your sets the best chance at holding for as long as possible.

Temperature and Humidity

As mentioned before make sure your lash salon’s temperature and humidity are set to ensure your glue has the best chance of curing appropriately. These can best be managed with the use of an air conditioner coupled with a Thermo Hygrometer. This is a non negotiable! Thermo Hygrometers will tell you the exact atmospheric conditions you are working with to satisfy your glue’s needs. A great rule of thumb is between 19 – 28*C with a humidity of 45 – 65%.


Priming The Lashes

The use of a Primer can increase lash retention by 30% when used in the correct way. A Primer will remove any dirt or natural oils that are built up on the lashes without over drying them. It creates a coating film over the natural lash not only to protect the natural lash from any damage but to also give the glue something to hold on to. Primers generally have a shelf life of 12months (opened and unopened) and can always be kept in a cool dry place. IMPORTANT: Always store your Primer away from your Glue as unfortunately it has may compromise your Glue if stored too close together.

Meraki Primer


Superbonders are designed to push the humidity out of the adhesive surface of the glue giving you an almost instantaneous curing time! This product when used in the appropriate way can boost your retention by up to 8 weeks! When the Superbonder is applied to the glue bonding points it strengthens the bond between the natural lash and the adhesive which in turn will add increased elasticity therefore making your extensions more resilient. This added elasticity will ensure that the bonds don’t break as easily. It is important not to oversaturate with this product to make sure the bonds don’t overprocess therefore giving the opposite result. As with Primers make sure not to You can easily apply this product with Micro Sticks using the less is more approach as a small amount will go a long way. Superbonders are truly the superhero of the lash world. Follow us to the next point for the GAME CHANGER.

Nano Misters

Nano Misters are designed to spray miniature water droplets evenly across your lash extensions to increase humidity in low humidity settings to aid your glue’s curing. This can aid retention in these settings
With all of the benefits of Superbonders listed above now it’s time to combine the two and truly unleash that superpower. Simply fill your Nano Mister with Superbonder and evenly spray over the freshly finished set to achieve perfectly superbonded lashes every time and increase retention to 6+ weeks!

Aftercare Kits

This may seem simple and you may already be doing it but encouraging your clients to purchase and use an aftercare kit can be a great weapon to combat early lash loss. Your kit should include Lash ShampooAftercare Instructional Card, Spoolie or Tube Wand and a Lash Cleansing Brush. Your aftercare card should outline exactly how your client should take care of their lashes, how long to wait before getting them wet, basic shedding cycles, the uniqueness of everyone’s lashes and all the other basic do’s and don’ts for your client.


Now you are fully armed with all of our retention secrets you should be well equipped to be the best lash tech you can be!

If you have any questions or are unclear on any of the points conveyed to you please reach out and we will endeavour to assist you.

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